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JC Take 2 Corp's Services and Machines are the Perfect Choice!

Our company was started in order to provide customers with healthy snacks and drinks.  We are locally owned and operated and readily available to keep the machine fully stocked via remote monitoring of the inventory.  Our Naturals2Go machines are attractive and eco-friendly.  We provide free maintenance of our ADA-compliant machines and offer up-to-date payment methods such as Cash, Credit/Debit and Apple Pay.

Service You Can Depend On

As a local business, we strive to ensure that our machines always receive quality maintenance and service.  Our remote inventory monitoring allows us to know exactly when our machines need a refill.  We regularly inspect our easy-to-use, ADA-compliant machines and have no additional surcharges when customers pay via credit or debit.

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Have it Your Way​!

When it comes to healthy options, our machines can’t be beat!  We have a large selection of products to choose from.  

Our machines are fully customized to suit the needs of each location.

Technology for Today's Consumer

Many of the vending machines that you encounter in your day-to-day life are no different than the ones your parents encountered many years ago.  Our Healthy Vending Machines bring a welcome update to the vending industry and are technologically advanced, offering a variety of unique and exciting features that many other machines simply cannot match.

JC Take 2 Corp Vending Healthy

We created our company with the goal to help people improve their lives by providing convenient and healthy snack options.  By offering high quality brands of natural and organic snacks and beverages, we are able to encourage healthy lifestyle choices while still offering delicious and refreshing products.

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